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Arti's Staff Application

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What is your in-game name?

Lao Huang, R&D Senior Technician Warren Zefanya, Luna Prime Legionary Gaius


What is your SteamID and DiscordID?


SteamID64: 76561198095736516

Discord: Arti#0003


How long have you been playing on our server?

Around a month or so- a little bit before the launch of the New Vegas map.


How old are you? (Lying will result in a perma-ban



Why do you want to be a staff member? [125 words minimum]

   I’d like to become part of the staff team for Sanctum for this server for the purpose of helping the community in any way I possibly can. I enjoy roleplaying on the server and would love to be a part of a team that helps other people to enjoy roleplaying as much as I do. Going onto staffing, I would love to go ahead and perform administrative tasks such as ratifying any situations and the prevention of anything negative from occurring. I plan on aiding the player base in a very professional way.  I have a lot of experience staffing servers. I am very much focused on Sanctum just because of its intimate and close-knit popularity as well as a deep interest in the server and its community- so it is expected that I would be online for the majority of the week and dedicate my time to the server. 

I’d very much enjoy helping players and my fellow staff team any way I possibly can. Someone could always be on during down time when people require staff and there is a lack of administration online. My time will be dedicated to Sanctum's Fallout RP Server and its players and I’ll be sure the rules are followed and everyone has an enjoyable and memorable experience.


Please describe in full detail any previous staff experience that you may have.

  • Administrator on GAW - EG [Edelweiss][NS]
  • Junior Moderator on Clone Wars - HFG [Hammerfall]
  • Senior Moderator on Expanded Universe - HFG [Hammerfall]
  • Moderator on WWII - MS [Melon Servers]
  • GM on CW - GG [GG Network]
  • Senior GM on Galactic Civil War - HFG [Hammerfall]
  • GM on HaloRP - EG [Edelweiss]
  • Administrator on HL2RP - GNG [Goodnight Gaming]
  • Senior Administrator & Gamemaster on MafiaRP - MP [Mobsters Paradise]
  • Senior Administrator & Gamemaster on MafiaRP - Vulkan Networks
  • Administrator on HL2RP - Cataclysm


What do you intend on bringing to the table?

   I'm active the majority of the time- I think activity is super important within a staff member's time on a server. Being present on the server at all times means that a member of staff is able to respond quickly and effectively to any issues or incidents that may arise. This helps to ensure that players feel supported and that any problems are addressed promptly, creating a more positive and enjoyable playing environment for everyone. Another field I'm good in is communication- like everyone has heard someone say, communication is key when it comes to resolving conflicts or addressing rule violations in a roleplaying community. I believe that my strong communication skills allow me to interact with players in a calm, professional, and helpful manner, promoting understanding and facilitating the resolution of any issues that may arise.


How often do you play on Sanctum?

Pretty often, the majority of the week I'm available- especially during dead hours.


How old are you? (Lying will result in a perma-ban



Have you ever been banned from our server? and if so, what for?

No, I haven't.


Please list as many rules from Section 1 as you can without looking at the rules page.

No Racism in OOC

No Spamming

Dont Argue with Staff

No Toxicity

ERP is not Allowed (Ew)

No Pedophilia

You can’t force people to take off their faction armor.

PAC3 is IC, Don’t abuse it.

FearRP Ratio is 3:1

Power Armor and Mutants are considered 1.5 for Fear RP.

Metagaming is not allowed.

You are able to be killed if trespassing in another faction’s base.

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