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Question 1:) What is your in-game name | character's name
Question 2:)  What is your steam profile and SteamID?
SteamID: idk
Steam Profile Link: no

Question 3:) What is your DiscordID

bro thats like an invasion of privacy homes

Question 4:) Why are you applying for the position? What is your philosophy?
idk i just want somethin, my philosophy is to gain currency as fast as possible without the regard of other human life

Question 5:) What will you change about the Brotherhood? How will you run it effectively? How could the Brotherhood benefit from your leadership?

i think the brotherhood needs a strong jewish leader, they will all give their money to me and no one else, anyone who doesn't give me money will be called anti-semetic

Question 6:) How active do you intend on being? can you remain that active consistently? How would you do so?
nigga tbh i dont care

Question 7:) A faction has stolen Brotherhood Equipment, how would you approach reclaiming it?
that didnt happen

Question 8:) The Brotherhood is in a war with another faction, how would you handle negotiations if you won, communications in the Brotherhood, what sort of tactics would you have?
i would make them give me moeny and only me because i am the leader and my citizens do not deserve it, my tactics would be to get money


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