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Question 1:) What is your in-game name?

Jason Capstriker

Question 2:) What is your SteamID and DiscordID?

None yo beeswax

Question 3:) How long have you been playing on our server?

idk nigga i never even joined, but i been in the discord for like an hour or smtnh

Question 4:) Why do you want to be a staff member? [125 words minimum]


for money nigga, why else i fuckin hate people and to power trip


Question 5:) Please describe in full detail any previous staff experience that you may have.


i been staff on you know, reddit and shi, i been mod on discord too


Question 6:) What do you intend on bringing to the table?

maybe some turkey or smthn, somthin for everyone you know what i mean home slice

Question 7:) How often do you play on Sanctum?

im not a loser homes i dont play gay shit


Question 8:) How old are you? (Lying will result in a perma-ban)

like 11, mom calls me fat jew

Question 9:) Have you ever been banned from our server? and if so, what for?

nigga i dont even play yo server

Question 10:) Please list as many rules from Section 1 as you can without looking at the rules page.

nigga i cant read

heres a picture of me homes


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