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Enstrong's Staff(GM) App

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Question 1:) What is your in-game name?

Staff Sergeant Ricky Enstrong

Question 2:) What is your SteamID and DiscordID?
STEAM_0:1:83997220 Fraos#2463

Question 3:) How long have you been playing on our server?

Since the playtest. 

Question 4:) Why do you want to be a staff member? [125 words minimum]


I primarily just want to have a GM role to do events for people. I might do actual s2rp events as well if they're favored. These would primarily be for factionless wastelanders unless the event may actually pertain to a faction in regards to things like territory and what not.


Question 5:) Please describe in full detail any previous staff experience that you may have.


I was a GM a couple times on more serious text only servers, it should be easy to do some stuff for people here.


Question 6:) What do you intend on bringing to the table?

Real 100/10 events yeah babey.

Question 7:) How often do you play on Sanctum?

Nearly daily. Enclave represent babey.


Question 8:) How old are you? (Lying will result in a perma-ban)


Question 9:) Have you ever been banned from our server? and if so, what for?


Question 10:) Please list as many rules from Section 1 as you can without looking at the rules page.

No Metagaming
No exploiting map, game mechanics
Follow rp at all times
No ERP (degenerates)
Obey NLR

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