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Winchester's Staff Application


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Applicant's Steam Name:

Applicant's Steam ID:

Applicant's current playtime on Sanctum:
Unknown Specific Time, Estimated to be around: 20 hours

Why do you want to apply for a position on the Sanctum staff team?:
I've noticed a lot of complaints about Staff not answering tickets, and staff just not doing their job as a whole. I will not name names, but I know multiple. It is pretty damn bad when people have to complain in OOC to get Staff to handle tickets, To answer the question, I want to be the staff who actually answers tickets instead of fucking off and being AFK constantly.

Are you of the age of 16 or above? (if not, this is grounds for denial):
I am. Seventeen, Turning Eighteen in July.

Describe for us how you would handle a negative encounter with a player whom reported a RDM but was in fact the one RDMing (In Detail):
First off? Logs, a blessing, and a curse. I've learned in my time as a mod in multiple servers that logs are the single most handy thing in an admin/mods arsenal. If the logs don't say anything, I'd investigate further and speak with both parties to gather the full story. After gathering both sides, speak with another staff for a 'third' party POV on what happened. If no staff is available, I'll talk with both members. If it turns out that Person A (the one who reported the RDM, but did it) is shown as the one who RDM'd, they get two fat warnings, one for RDM, the other for lying to staff. If it isn't shown anywhere for any reason at all, I'd not down in staff chat for other staff to watch the two for anything else.

Why should we select your application over another applicant's? 
I'd like to say I'm fairly competent at moderating and gathering evidence, along with that I've got a fair bit of experience with it in my 2.7k hours in gmod. I'm also a fairly competent developer and have balanced for multiple servers in the past, so I am able to assist in developing if it is needed.

You understand that making this application means you will be unbiased in ALL regards concerning the server?
I completely understand.

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