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Staff Application - Souley

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Question 1:) What is your in-game name?


Question 2:) What is your SteamID and DiscordID?

STEAM_0:1:472807597 | 825381901883539467

Question 3:) How long have you been playing on our server?

About 2 days, got like 20h playtime or so

Question 4:) Why do you want to be a staff member? [125 words minimum]

There's a few things, I may not have a lot of playtime and only be 16, Yet my maturity, experience and general background makes up for it. I've been apart of staffing servers for about 3 years, I've owned servers for about 1 year. Staff wise I perform exceptionally, I can do my role as intended and get things done with ease. I have a LOT of time on my hands, you will see me dedicating quite a lot of my freetime towards the server as I see the potential and it really intrigues me. I have staffed a lot of small servers and a few major ones like werewolf and icefuse. These aren't falloutRP related yet I feel still are quite important. I'd like to add I am judged for my age, my maturity and how I act is nothing like a lot of people my age. I try to perform to the best of my ability. I handle situations quite well and feel my assistance to the staff team would help quite well. I also have experience staffing discord servers too as I've been apart of discord for about 3 years. I also would love to do some sort of events with the fellow staff team, I am good working as a team so any of them matters aren't a problem. Another reason I wan't to join staff is because I'd love to give back to the community, whilst being apart of Sanctum I've been nothing but treated nicely by an amazing community. [2 Accounts OverTime]

Question 5:) Please describe in full detail any previous staff experience that you may have.

I have a lot of experience:

Icefuse Networks
Werewolf Gaming

Many Small Servers

Owned A Few Servers 

Staff/Own servers on  other games too.

Question 6:) What do you intend on bringing to the table?

Friendly Staffing, Helpfulness, Activity And Just Being A Good Benefit To The Community

Question 7:) How often do you play on Sanctum?

Since Joining, Daily.

Question 8:) How old are you? (Lying will result in a perma-ban)

16. I may or may not sound it, yet I can assure you and my maturity will put all suspicions to rest.

Question 9:) Have you ever been banned from our server? and if so, what for?


Question 10:) Please list as many rules from Section 1 as you can without looking at the rules page.

No Pac Abuse
Don't Metagame
Don't FRP.
Don't Argue With Staff/Staff Diss
Don't Exploit
Don't Break FearRP
2 People To FearRP An Alone Player.
Don't RDM
Don't Be Racist/Homophobic/AntiLGBTQ/etc
Don't Break NLR


I'm aware the server is new, I know how to staff. My age may be deceiving yet I can assure you I can be a good staff member.

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