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-Prospect Legatus- Tribunus Bongo's speach at Cottonwood Cove

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=====================================Silence for a moment=======================================


Dear fellow members of The Legion,As I stand before you today, I want to share with you a little bit about my personal background and the journey that brought me to this point. I was not born int o a life of privilege or luxury. In fact, my early years were marked by poverty, hardship, and struggle.

Growing up in a small, rural settlement, I learned the value of hard work and determination at an early age. My family struggled to make ends meet, and I often had to go without basic necessities like food and clothing. But despite these challenges, I never lost sight of my goals and dreams.

When I was old enough, I joined The Legion as a recruit, determined to make a better life for myself and my family. I worked tirelessly, day in and day out, to prove my worth and to rise through the ranks. I fought in battles, endured harsh training regimes, and showed my loyalty to The Legion time and time again.

Through my hard work and determination, I have earned the respect and trust of my fellow Legionnaires. And now, as I stand before you today, I am proud to be considered as a candidate for the position of Legatus.

If elected, I will use my experience and dedication to make The Legion even stronger and more prosperous. I will work tirelessly to ensure that our organization has the resources and infrastructure it needs to thrive. I will also make it a priority to support our soldiers and ensure that they have the training and resources they need to be successful in battle.

But more than anything, I will bring to the position of Legatus a deep commitment to the values and principles that have always defined The Legion. I believe that honor, discipline, and loyalty are the keys to success in any endeavor, and I will work tirelessly to ensure that these values remain at the core of our organization.

In conclusion, I ask for your support in my bid for Legatus. I am a product of hard work and determination, and I am committed to using my experience and dedication to make The Legion even stronger and more successful than it already is. Thank you for your attention. Ave, true to Caesar!

(legatus bongo-if i get legatus)


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