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Unit Designation : ALPHA

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Name: Unit Designation: ALPHA ONE

Height: 8ft

Birthplace: Cajon Pass, California - Fort Daggerpoint Military Base

Affiliation: The Unity (Formerly), Vault 18 (Formerly)

ALPHA is one in a series of ALPHA droids, built and programmed by the Unity from salvaged Enclave Tech at Fort Daggerpoint to track down subjects of a pre-war FEV experiment. However, ALPHA's destruction, years of disrepair, and reprogramming caused his original programming to become buried and corrupted, if not completely lost.

Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Vayger the Gatekeeper (Fallout: New  California mod)

ALPHA was destroyed by the Survivalist Raiders near Union City, who then threw him out due to being unable to repair him. He was later found by Dr. Kevin Rossman, who recognized the model from an earlier attack on Vault 18's Scouting Team near Fort Daggerpoint by a similar model, Rossman bought him from a scavenger and then took him back to Vault 18 and tried rebuilding him, only to give up when faced with heavy usage of non-standard and/or barely compatible parts from various different robots. He was then left to collect dust in the Robotics Lab for several years.


On the fateful day in 2260, Vault 18's Reactor Self Destructed. Luckily a scientist known only as "Star" repaired alpha the night before, Bound by his programming he followed Star across the pass, providing protection to the scientist as he made his way to Union City and Beyond. Star was a very intelligent man, and after using ALPHA's superior strength for so long, he felt it wasnt fair on the old robot. He comissioned help from an Ex-Brotherhood Scribe named Dr. Marius in Union City to "Jailbreak" ALPHA's core systems granting him Sentience.


Following this, the robot left the service of Star, and sought out his own place in the world, Wandering through the Hub, Redding, Reno, and eventually by the year of 2281, Ending up in New Vegas.


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