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Fallout Wildlands Rules


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New Players:
It is HIGHLY recommended for new players to read this thread or atleast skim through the rules to have a gross understanding of what limitations and standards are expected of our players. If you have any questions, please talk to your fellow community member as they may have the answers you seek more often than not!
- Bant

Have fun, you wont learn every rule in one read. Some of this stuff is just something you will learn over time and that is ok. No one is perfect.
- Sam

Section A: Rules

Section A-1: Rules of Perma-Kill (PK)
Section B: Server Concepts
Section B-1: Server Lore
Section C : Factions
Section C-1: Politics of War
Section  Class rules

Section D-1: Job rules
Section E: Roll bonuses


* Bans may only be handed out if there is definite proof and evidence provided*



Section A: Rules


  Chat/Voice Rules:  

[ TLDR: No racial slurs / be nice ]

 ( This rule applies constantly )

1.)   No Racial/Homophobic Slurs in any form [IC/OOC]

2.)  No Spam in any form [IC/OOC]

3.)  Do not speak 'Out of Character' [IC]

( Terminology such as FailRP, FearRP, and general phrases that are not realistic to the world or character  included)

4.)    Do not be rude or toxic to other players [OOC]

5.)    Do not argue/disrespect staff [OOC]

6.)   Do not discuss sensitive & relevant IC Information in OOC Chats (Meta-Bait)  [OOC]




  Gameplay Rules:  

 ( This rule applies constantly )

1. Game system exploitation is not tolerated

2. Scamming trade transactions is not tolerated

3. Rules of Engagement must be obeyed at all times

4. Rules of FearRP must be obeyed at all times

5. Rules of Roleplay must be obeyed at all times

6. New Life Rule must be obeyed at all times

7. Rules of Mugging must be obeyed if mugging

8. Rules of Building (Trusted members ONLY) must be obeyed at all times

9. Rules of PAC3 (Trusted members ONLY) must be obeyed at all times

10. No Erotic Roleplay of any kind is tolerated

11. You cannot defect or leak items from a faction without being active for 2 weeks + actively attending a minimum of 2 faction flag ups
(Proof of actively attending a flag up will be required to validate your activity)




  Rules of Engagement ( Killing )

[ TLDR: Kidnapping to just kill people isn’t allowed. ]

1.)  You must engage in Roleplay before being able to kill another player

( Roleplay that results in quickly killing another player is not acceptable | Exploitation of roleplay will not be tolerated | “If it can start a school fight it can get you killed”


2.)  Kidnapping / Robbing / Decapitating a person instantly makes you Killable  (KOS)
( EX: A trooper sees a legionary attempting to off a NCR troopers head, that legionary is now KOS )


3.)  Raising your weapon to another player makes you KOS by them or their group (Instantly)

( Attempting to run in-front of a player who has their weapon raised to instigate a confrontation is not acceptable )
NOTE: The player MUST be raising his weapon directly at you or a close ally, not just pointing it at the ground / facing away from you.


4.)  Raid / War or Ambush must be declared to instigate a proper KOS on a faction

( For outright slaughter, use the systems available to you - no exploitation will be tolerated of roleplay policy/rules )


5.) You cannot use Global Radio to issue warnings to factions or people

(  It must be done in-person )


6.) You cannot kill a player who is actively being kidnapped (Mercy-kill)

(  Accident or not, the situation is reset in favor of the captures if this takes place )
( Attempting to abuse this rule by doing things such as using the captive as a human shield will not be
considered mercy killing | You must value your captive’s life in the situation for it to be mercy kill.)

7.) Being inside of another faction's base is Optional KOS

( Wastelander walks into Legion base, the Legion can kill them if they wish to. )


😎 May assist friends/allies in close proximity in undeclared conflicts, core faction cap point conflicts are exempt

(Rule of thumb is considered within voice range. Will sometimes be up to staff discretion. Example of a declared conflict are Ambush/Raid/Hostilities/War)


9) Anyone that has a kidnapping tool out, even holstered, is KOS.

(These items include: the tranq rifle, the mesmetron (both kinds), and the crosshook)


(PVP baiting is not tolerated)


  Rules of FearRP:  

[ TLDR: 2 Guns (on you) = Obey ]

1.)  To Fear RP a Player you must first outnumber him 2/1, put guns up on him, and give him commands. When all three of these requirements are met, then the player is under FearRP.


2.)  Groups of 4+ Cannot be FearRP'd


3.)   If you are in handcuffs/restrained, you must obey the laws of Fear Roleplay while at least 1 weapon is raised at you.


4.)   FearRP is only negated when active combat is taking place between you and the capture party


5.)    FearRP is only applicable if the group applying it are within voice or text range


6.)    Power Armor and Super Mutants count as 1.5 Players and thus requires an additional combatant to capture



Law of Fear Roleplay

[The Cooldown for being re-kidnapped is 30 minutes]

1. If above conditions are met, you must obey the kidnappers

2.The moment you are under FearRP/restrained, you are no longer able to use Comms of any variety (Discord / In-game) [you receive them back the moment you are free]

3. You cannot manage your inventory while under FearRP (EX: Equip Armor / Weapons / etc . . . )

4. While under FearRP you cannot attempt to be disorderly, escape, or fabricate reasons to make it cumbersome for your captures

5. You can only be kidnapped for 20 minutes (While kidnapped if you die you forget EVERYTHING leading up to and about the kidnapping. This bypasses NLR Timer) [You must RPly interact with a captured player every 5 minutes. If the player goes more than 5 minutes without interacted with, they may call staff to be set free]

6. While you're kidnapped, your kidnappers only need to keep one gun up on you to maintain FearRP.

7. To FearRP someone in a Vehicle, it must be stopped before FearRP can be initiated

8. If you're able to RP in your spawn (talking to people, moving around, etc.), or if you go back to your spawn to try and protect yourself, the immunity to fear RP in spawn is null and void. Do not spawncamp to take advantage of this.

9. Castration on any level is not allowed

10. Bomb Collars are immediate FearRP. Once it's on you, you are under FearRP to the person who put the collar on you.

11.  You can force players to remove faction items off the Black Market and out of the stash (But must be done for a reason that the staff approves).

[ Exception exists in rules of mugging - faction items ]
12. You cannot bring kidnapped players into an area that is your spawn or need to go through your spawn to get to the kidnapped victim.

13. After you enslave someone, you MUST let them go and you MUST let them live after their slavery timer is up. Killing them will have equal punishment to killing someone after a mugging.

14. You may not chain kidnap or enslave people.
15.  Total capture time is 35 minutes, enslaving someone does NOT extend their timer. ex.5 minutes of transport time, 30 minutes of slavery - kidnap a player for 20 minutes and slave for 15 minutes

[The Cooldown for being re-enslaved is one hour]


Rules of Roleplay:

 ( This rule applies constantly )

1. Do not 'Meta-game'

2. Do not display 'Mingey' behavior 

3. Follow the Rules of Mugging if you wish to rob

4. Read the Advanced Rules Page if you are playing a unique class

5. You must play in accordance with your class/faction (Section D)

EX: Deathclaws cannot be friendly // Feral Ghouls cannot be friendly // And so on . . . 

6. Physical Action Conduct must be obeyed at all times
7. Transferring of any items between your characters is not allowed

8. All characters must be aged 18 or above.



Physical Action Conduct:

 ( This rule applies constantly / Advanced Roleplay )

A physical action is presented through a "/me <action>"

A physical action's success is dictated through a "/roll #"

A physical action's success is buffed by any Roll Bonuses (Section E)

A physical action's success is buffed by any 'Character Perks'


In-order for a physical action to be successful,  it requires two consecutive successful rolls.

( If on a Player, your roll {+bonus} must be HIGHER than theirs {+bonus} // If on a item, must be HIGHER than 50 {+bonus} )



PLAYER A: /me opens control panel of the robot and attempts to hack it

PLAYER A: /roll <100> {Winning Roll}

PLAYER B: /roll <25>


PLAYER A: /me attempts to rewire the robot


PLAYER A: /roll <75> {Winning Roll}

PLAYER B: /roll <10>


PLAYER B is now hacked and has to follow PLAYER A's orders for one life

Section E: Roll Bonuses outlines how '+BONUS' works


Misc. Rules:

1. If you are knocked out and they handcuff you with a /me or /it you must wait to be handcuffed unless the person who did the bind dies

 ( NOTE: Please do not expect New Players to know this rule quickly / Save these tactics for Advanced Players )

2. If your '/me <action>' requires staff intervention then it is not a valid '/me' (staff will not come)

3. You cannot perform a "/me" that defies realistic logic (Power Game)

4. While you have someone enslaved or kidnapped, you CAN REQUEST them to change into slave rags, or to change weapons/equipment, but you CANNOT take the item they unequip.

(Example: Legion enslave an NCR trooper, they ask the trooper to get out of his trooper into slave rags and change his brass knuckles to a machete for a duel. Legion CANNOT take his trooper armour OR brass knuckles. Any attempts to loophole this using a third party or "scummy" tactics/words will result in the gear being returned and the perpetrator being banned.)


  New Life Rule 

[ TLDR: Die = 10 minutes of IC-memory gone ]

1. All in-character information gained in the last 10 minutes prior to death is lost

2. You cannot return to the location of an active skirmish / battle if you were killed until the fight has concluded itself

( Either your faction / group or the attackers are all dead :  active hostilities, raids, wars, & conquests are exempt from this rule, even for assisting parties )

3. If returning to a previous location you died at, resuming the exact roleplay that resulted in your death or targeting your killers is not acceptable

4. You must wait 15 minutes to return to a location and resume similar RP to when you died.


Rules of Mugging:

[ TLDR: Level = Caps you can take ]

 ( This rule applies when mugging another Player )

Cap limit for mugging dependent on level:
   Level 1-10: 200 Caps
  Level 11-25: 400 Caps
  Level 26-40: 600 Caps
   Level 41-49: 800 Caps
  Level 50 +: 1000 Caps

1. Only items that you can take via the use of a Zip Tie can be forcefully taken via their use
2.  You cannot demand for someone to drop something that you cannot take via Zip Tie
3.  You can only forcefully take faction armor if the armor is stolen/taken without consent of the faction it originates from.
4. You cannot kill someone if you mug them ( for caps or items )
5. You can not mug or kidnap others that are AFK in Spawn.
6. If someone has a branded faction item in their stash, you are allowed to take it out of their stash.
7. It's only considered a mugging if something is actually taken ( PK clarification )
8. Mugging the same person ( within a one hour time frame )  more than once is not allowed
9. You must let the person go after mugging them if it is reasonable in the situation.
(EX: If you mug a player in a secured location it is expected that you will release them, however if you begin to take fire from would be rescuers you no longer are required to.) 


Rules of Building (VIPs ONLY😞

 ( This rule applies when building // VIP Users ONLY )
1. You cannot build what could be considered a "Large Structure"
(Staff may determine what is a “Large Structure”)
2. You cannot have any props at all in a war.
3. All buildings must be built with the laws of physics in mind
4. You cannot prop-block: There must be an entrance in all constructions, this includes blockades
5. You cannot prop-climb into another person/factions base
6. You cannot kill others based off of a 'KOS Sign' without verbal warning
7. You cannot build a maze base or builds that force users to crouch or jump to enter.

8. All man made entrances must be at least 4 people wide. Kill Tunnels/Funnels are not allowed. (Ex: Zig zag tunnel entrance/long tunnel entrance)

9. You cannot build inside another faction's base without their permission.
10. Cannot build structures that allow you to see into another faction's base or in a location that allows you to see into their base.

11. You cannot build vehicles using props and toolgun properties (thrusters, winches, wheels, motors etc). So no cars made from props, no hot air balloons or anything of the sort.



PAC3 Rules

 ( This rule applies when using PAC3 // VIP Users ONLY )

1. No FailRP PAC outfits

2. Do not abuse PAC features

3. No "special-snowflake" PACs (EX: Alien/Synth)

4. Creatures, Monsters, Power Armor, and Super Mutants are subject to more strict PAC sizes. All of these follow 1.0 - 1.1 PAC sizes
5. If it does not make sense to be in Fallout, it should not be a part of your PAC.
6: PAC is In-Character

7. It must be obviously clear what armor you are wearing. You cannot PAC other armors over another (Can't be wearing Leather Armor and PAC'ing on Combat Armor)

8. Max PAC size is 1.1 and Minimum 0.95


Golden Rule of PAC Use:

If staff tell you to make changes to your PAC or remove it fully, do not argue



Important Vocabulary:


To use information that your 'Character' does not know.

For example, to see an Enclave Flag-Up notice and say (in IC chat) "Hi Enclave, I see you're flagged up!"

is an instance of meta-game. Your 'Character' cannot use this information.


Out of Character (OOC):

Information that is not intended to be used IN-CHARACTER (IC)

Information that your 'Character' has learned and can use.


In-Character (IC):

Information that you learn in an in-character environment.

In-character information are most interactions you have in-game if not all. But information in things such as 'OOC Chat' is NOT IN-CHARACTER knowledge.


Fail Roleplay (FailRP):

'FailRP' displays behavior that is NOT something a character would perform, say, or do in a realistic situation. For example, a Wastelander would never talk about the latest 'Fornite Update' 


Power Game:

'Power Gaming' is attempting to perform an action (/me Chat Command) that goes beyond the means of what is physically possible or reasonable.


For example:

"/me grabs the man and throws him at Mach100 across the planet"



Telling someone sensitive in-character information in an OOC Chat platform for the purpose of attempting to bait them to use the information in an IC setting.



Abandoning a faction without consultation of it's leadership

It should be noted that stealing equipment from a faction (either while still a part of them by leaking or when defecting)
is a separate and more severe action with its own set of consequences.



Rules of Branding:

1. No forceful mutilation branding is allowed

(  If the victim is willing, it is allowed )

2. All brands must be physically described and realistic

( EX of bad brand:  "The chosen one" )

3. You cannot brand someone you mugged previously

4. No malicious intent will be tolerated


Misc. Rules:

 - The use of Discord for the use of in character roleplay is allowed if you are in a Sanctum (IC) marked channel. Speaking OOCly in these channels will result in a ban. [Allied tags are good but you must stay in the "Allied IC Text Chat" when dealing with that character] (Discords must have at least 2 Operators within them to be considered IC)

- No Powergaming. For example, do not go up to someone and say "/me steals your wallet and weapon without you noticing".

- Do not attempt to find loopholes in the rules. Any and all loopholes attempted will be met with a ban.
- Transferring Items or caps is not allowed.

- You cannot exchange in-game currency or items for real USD/Other forms of payment outside of the game
- OOC /event messages (“Enclave Flag Up!”) cannot be used IC’ly.
- Targeting a new player, lying to a new player about a rule, or generally ruining a new player's experience will be treated as malicious intent.
- Cap transferring between characters is not allowed and will result in a lengthy ban if you're caught doing so
- Stay off of map borders and staff designated locations

- You must allow a player 5 seconds after leaving either a Teleporter or Spawn Building before shooting them, this nullifies if the player has their weapon raised
- Only 2 non-stocked items can be leaked per week from a faction.

- Only 1 stocked item can be leaked per week from a faction.

- When mugging/branding, players must remove the blindfold from the victim's face for the duration of the mugging/branding process. 

- Can only defect from a faction with 1 stocked item

- Cannot buy a stocked item within 1 week of defecting (EG. You buy a gauss rifle from the vendor, you have to now wait 1 week before you can defect or leak it)

- If there is evidence of a non-brandable item that came from a faction's vendor, it can be reclaimed if a contract is done.

- A core faction member stepping onto a cap point is targetable by other core factions.

- For new system armours, helmets and body pieces are two different items when it comes to leaking.

- Use common sense in every situation, if you think for a second “This doesn’t seem right”, don’t do it, ask a staff member.

- Use common sense


Section A-1: Rules of Perma-Killing

What is a "PK"?
A perma-kill or "PK" is the permanent killing of a specific character. Meaning, that if John Doe "PK's" Johnny Rocket, Johnny is permanently gone, and must request a staff member to change his in-game name. However, the deceased Johnny Rocket still keeps any ranks he had for a faction. When being PK'd you can not have any names that character previously had including first and last names for example: James Franco can not have his name changed to Jimmy Franco as a result of a PK.


How to perform a PK:
1. Victim must be captured and brought to your faction base 

2. Being part of an "enemy faction" is not a valid reason to want someone PK'd 



PK Footnotes


1.) You cannot PK yourself without an Operator Approved context (Rare)

[ EX: Being made into a Ghoul but also being a member of a faction that hates Ghouls; such as the BOS ]


2.) You need a PK reason to forcefully "transform" someone into a new creature/species

[ EX: Transforming someone into a Super Mutant ]

[ WARNING: Ghoulification is exempt from this -  you are still Human ]


3.) Attempting to "tip-toe" around the rules and create a false-narrative in order to get someone PK'd will result in a ban.


4.) You are able to PK someone for another member in YOUR faction. For example, NCR Trooper A is mugged by a fiend. If NCR Trooper B and C find the fiend while A is offline, B and C are able to PK the fiend for A.


What is a "CK"?
A "CK" or "Character Kill" is the permanent death of a character and results in a character ban. The person getting "CK'd" gets their character banned and loses all ranks/affiliations related to the faction.

Who can perform a CK?
A "CK" needs to be approved by either High Staff Vote, the Server Manager, or an Approved Circumstance. If you want to CK a player, contact one of those three people and explain your reason for wanting to CK the person(s).


CK Approved Circumstance:

 If a Player does the following, they are subject to a Character Kill

1. If a character is in possession of your faction branded item(s)

[ If you are not the original leaker of the item you may return the item to the faction it belongs to in order to nullify the CK reason against you. ]
[If you are captured before returning the item you are still liable to be ‘CK’d’.] 


2. If a character either gifts or sells faction branded item(s)

[ There is no way to avoid a CK for doing this. Returning the item does not nullify this. ]


3. If a character ‘leaks’ or leaves a faction with branded items or unbrandable items that originated from that faction’s vendor with contract.
[ Selling, trading, or otherwise giving away an item that belongs to a faction or originates from their vendor without approval of their leadership is considered leaking. There is no way to avoid a CK for doing this. ]

4. Breaking the terms of a CK-Contract or Born-in compliance agreement


5. Any 'disputes' regarding the validity of a CK are to be handled by a member of Operations if not already present for CK



Important Note: 

Attempting to bypass a 'Character Kill' by creating a new character or using malicious methods of changing your identity is subject to a permanent ban
Your character being PK’d does NOT remove valid CK reasons against you.


What is a Mutiny?
A "mutiny" is the process of attempting to overthrow a faction's leaders. If, for example, ex-members of a core faction (non-donator faction) decide that they are not certain High Command is in charge of a faction; they can attempt a mutiny. The only factions that can have a mutiny performed on them are core factions.


How do I perform a Mutiny?
You need Operator approval to start a mutiny on the server. Speak to a member of the staff team for more information regarding who to talk to. Once approved, the route to performing the mutiny will vary based on what Operations team dictates.


Section B: Server Concepts

What is this server about?
This FalloutRP server is designed to be a multiplayer faction based experience revolving around PvP and political drama while also replicating as much as a multiplayer version of Fallout as possible. It is intended for a new player to roam the wastes until he/she eventually stumbles upon a faction to either join, or rival. There are a world of options and a sandbox element of decision making on the server, similar to the original Fallout games. Players are supposed to get angry and frustrated with the ever growing political drama and constant warfare. The world of Fallout isn't a fair place, the best you can do is survive; and maybe buy a bigger gun. 

What are my options?
A. Join a faction
B. Become a raider / bandit / mercenary / merchant
C. Starve

How do I play?
Nutscript runs differently than mainstream DarkRP. Models are permanent and players do not recolonize you unless you allow them to.

F1: Open your main menu
F3: Allow players to recognize you

Rules of Research:
The rules of RP-based research relies on the effort and progress by the researcher(s) of a whitelist-only/F1-only faction. Discovering, researching, and implementing new things to a faction is based on a variety of factors. Each faction can attempt to research something, for example, an armored vehicle. The researcher(s) must dedicate an amount of time and resources to research and create the vehicle/item/weapon they want to develop. Once a faction researcher(s) feels they have completed their project, then they may post the project in the "Research Projects" section of the forums to either approve or deny the research. If the project is approved, the faction will then have access to the vehicle/weapon/item by default. If declined, it must be re-done/re-researched. The minimum rp-research time for any project is 2 days. A researcher must dedicate, at least, a portion of time being on the server to researching the project. Wastelanders can research for F1 factions, but cannot research for wastelanders, unless you are researching a passive RP project that is purely cosmetic/non-beneficial. If a researcher is PK’d or CK’d at any point before the project they worked on is posted all of the research that player participated in will be invalid and must be re-done. 


Section C-1: Rules of War/Hostility/Conquests

[Notice: If you are in a raid/war/hostilities you cannot kidnap or be kidnapped]

Rules of Raid:

[ DISCLOSURE: Raids are not intended to be nor are they balanced by Staff formally ]
- You must declare a raid using the declaration system (tab menu declaration)
- You cannot declare while being within render distance of the enemy faction
- The raid ends upon the in-game timer expiration or faction declaration
- A faction must have 4 members online for eligibility for a raid.
- A faction must declare who they are raiding in OOC by a High NCO or Officer or the declaration is not valid

- You must ICly see the members of the other faction to declare the raid. IE if BOS hasn't been seen yet, but are flagged up. The NCR cannot raid them out of the blue.

- A faction must have 4 members online to initiate a raid.
- You cannot go into an enemy factions spawn building/bunker during a raid
- The faction base (and only within said base) has active 'KOS' applied to all individuals within the base, even those uninvolved

-  Any and all individuals that wish to assist a faction in a raid need only to enter the faction base of the raiding or raided faction
- Prop defenses can not be built during active raids

- No one can be up on the Prydwen during combat, except from BoS (However, BoS are not allowed on the Prydwen during a war, base conquest or conquest, only raids.)

[ WARNING: This can ONLY be used for DEFENDING a faction / You cannot OFFENSIVELY solo-assist a faction in a raid ]

Raid Cooldown Timer: In-game static value



Rules of Ambushing:
- Both factions must have at least 3 PEOPLE to ambush.
- Once a member dies during an ambush, they are not allowed to rejoin the fight. (1 Life Rule)
- An Ambush continues until all members of one of the factions are dead.
- Vertibirds cannot be ambushed nor can an ambush be called from within them (must have the required number of players visible outside the vertibird)

- For an ambush, all members need to be in the same armor or faction armor for cores and customs.

- For waster factions, you can only ambush a declared waster faction (Meaning you can't ambush 3 guys in combat armor who just so happen to be next to one another.) [Example: 4 Users create a waster faction called 'Taco Bandits' they can be ambushed if all in the same armor]
- Factions can not be ambushed within their base

Ambush Cooldown Timer: 5 minutes

Politics of war: (Only F1-Factions can declare war)

Rules of War:
- Officers/High Command+ in a faction can declare war on another faction
- You cannot spawn a vehicle/build fortifications during a war
- To start a war you must get it approved by an admin+ and must be high command of a faction
- The war needs a valid reason to start. The current acceptable reasons are [here]
- Other factions/wastelander factions (4+ members with same attire) may assist in wars
- Both participating factions must have at least 8 members on each side
- Wars cannot be declared in-front of the opposing factions base (it must be out of render distance)
- Factions involved in the war cannot lock their doors
- You may not chain war factions
- The faction who lost the war MUST go to the victor's base in order to negotiate war demands. The highest ranking officer on the server of the faction who lost has to be there as the representative of his/her faction.
- If both sides agree to it, a PK can be a war demand. I.E. Legion wins a war on NCR and the Colonel is willing to get PKed as a war demand and Legion agrees with it and PKs the Colonel.
- If you lose a war, you must do War Demands within an hour of losing the war.
- Both sides fighting in the war must have a 2:1 faction ratio or lower during a war. (Example: 2 Factions versus 1 Faction is allowed. 3 Factions versus 1 Faction isn't allowed.)
- No defensive/assault props allowed whatsoever between the two opponent factions. All defenses previously will be deleted before the war starts

- During a war, nukes/OBSs cannot be used during perma NLR.

- Only one behemoth can be used during a war, and it HAS to be used at the beginning of a war during the staging phase (When vehicles are spawned in).

-Factions with connecting teleporters are allowed to defend the teleporters/base during wars whilst not being directly involved in it. (I.E. so if Legion are warring House, Legion are allowed to use the Monorail to get to the Strip another way, however, NCR are allowed to attack any Legion attempting to use the monorail and lock doors without it being considered loophole assisting).

- 2 Vehicle limit when spawned during the prep phase
Time Limit:
- 35 minutes (NLR: Respawn time)
- Last 10 minutes are perma NLR
-Overtime may happen if 1 of the 2 happens: Both factions base are being captured at the same time or a faction base is still contested
- When a war is declared, both sides will have 10 minutes to prepare

- Capture/Hold enemy base for 30 seconds (2 people are needed to cap point)
- Defeat remaining forces of enemy faction at perma NLR timer  [Hiding will not result in overtime]

- A faction cannot be warred for 72 hours after being warred.
- A faction must wait 48 hours until being able to declare another war.
- You cannot raid a faction for 45 minutes after a war has ended.

- This cooldown stacks with the base conquest cooldown.

Demands: (High Command+ may negotiate demands)
No fighting shall take place by or to factions that are participating in War Demands (supersedes the bombs like nuke or obs description of being able to be used anytime anywhere)
If a faction wins a war, the highest ranking member of that faction may choose from the following war demands:
War Demands:
- 150,000 Caps or a stolen individual branded faction item that is referenced specifically
- Stay out of a location for 96 hours (Four days) [EX: A specified town]
- Peace [EX: Faction must be neutral for 72 hours to a specified faction]

- May request faction items from faction storages
- Any demand that is agreed upon by both factions within a reasonable bounty IF no other demands can be met.
- After the War Demands, no hostile actions can be done to participants for 20 minutes. (supersedes the bombs like nuke or obs description of being able to be used anytime anywhere)
-If you are asked to leave war demands and you are not one of the main two who warred you must comply

- If the winner faction has a pre-approved pk reason on someone in the victim faction who is present for the war you can demand they be turned over and pked


Politics of Conquests:

Rules of Conquests:
- Only High Command can request a Conquest
- There are only two factions allowed in a Conquest. Both are opposing teams, there is no assisting allowed. (1 Faction vs 1 Faction)
- To start a Conquest, you must get it approved by 2 members of Operations.
- A Conquest requires a very valid reason to start. (Ex: The NCR killed the Legion’s Caesar)
- Both participating factions must have at least 10 members on each side for a Conquest to begin.
- Factions involved cannot lock their doors or block off the main entrances.
- If both sides agree to it, a PK can be a demand. I.E. Legion wins a war on NCR and the Colonel is willing to get PKed as a demand and Legion agrees with it and PKs the Colonel.

Dynamics of Conquests
- The Conquest is a series of 3 wars throughout an entire week.
- Before the start of one of the wars, each faction has 30 minutes to prepare an attack plan, build defenses, etc.
- After the grace period is over, the war begins.
- Whoever wins 2 out of the 3 wars is the victor, there is no tie.
- Operator+ can oversee a Conquest War.
- Cooldown on Conquests: 1 month

Time Limit:
- 45 minutes (NLR: Respawn time)
- Last 10 minutes are perma NLR
- Overtime may happen if 1 of the 2 happens: Both factions' bases are being captured at the same time or a faction base is still contested.

- Capture/Hold enemy base for 30 seconds. (2 people are needed to cap point)
- Defeat remaining forces of enemy faction at perma NLR timer [Hiding will not result in overtime]

- A faction must wait 24 hours after a war to declare another one for the Conquest.
- You cannot declare hostilities/ambush/raid the winning faction(s) for 10 minutes after war demands are met

Demands: (High Command+ may negotiate demands)
If a faction wins a Conquest, the highest ranking member of that faction may choose from the following demands (Factions that are unable to pay for their war demands are forced to do other demands) :
War Demands:
- 350,000 Caps [or item of equal/less value]
- Stay out of a location for 336 hours (2 weeks) [EX: A specified town]
- Peace [EX: Faction must be neutral for 120 (5 days) hours to a specified faction]
- Destruction of ongoing research/ taking of an ongoing research project

 Rules of Base Conquest:

- Officers/High Command+ in a faction can declare war on another faction

- You cannot spawn a vehicle/build fortifications during a war

- To start a war you must get it approved by Operator and must have FL approval

- Direct 1v1, no aide can be given - Both participating factions must have at least 8 members on each side

- Wars cannot be declared in-front of the opposing factions base (it must be out of render distance)

- Factions involved in the war cannot lock their doors

- You may not chain base war

- The aggressor will take the loser's base if they win

- No defensive/assault props allowed whatsoever between the two opponent factions. All defenses previously will be deleted before the war starts

- If the aggressor loses they will forfeit their faction pay to the victor

- Last man standing wins


Time Limit:

- Their is a time limit of 45 minutes (If base is not captured within that time frame the aggressors lose).



- 1 week cooldown on attempting to conquest a location

- 3 day cooldown on aggressors assaulting any location

- This cooldown stacks with the regular war cooldown.



-Merchant Factions, Core Factions, Unity, PF and the Followers of the Apocalypse are exempt from base conquests.

Rules of Hostility
You need a valid reason to kill someone. Either through the Rules of Engagement or through Faction Declaration



Political Standing: (Only Officers+ / High Command may declare political standing)
Hostile: Be on guard for opposing faction (refer to ROE)
Neutral: Do not engage declared faction members (without RP-Context)
Allied: Working together with declared faction



- Core Factions are able to form an Alliance with each other

- You must wear your Faction Armor or a Legendary Armor to engage in faction hostilities



Rule for all conflicts listed above

You may not join a faction for the sole purpose of assisting in a war/conquest/raid/hostilities/ambushes etc just to leave when that conflict is over. (This includes mass recruitment of another faction to bolster numbers for a conflict)


Section D :  Class Rules & Guidelines


- Cannot wear armors stated to be for other classes (EX: Robot)

Super Mutant:

- Cannot wear armors not stated to be for Super Mutants

- Cannot join factions that do not offer Super Mutant classes

- Behemoths must attack everyone indiscriminately. Only Unity created behemoths are exempt from this rule.


Robotic Entity:

- Cannot be put under FearRP

- Hackable via means explained in the advanced rules page
- Other characters cannot assist hacking of robot
- Cannot wear or use items not intended or roleplay appropriate for the class
- Must use a Robot Model, No human models for PAC
- Being hacked is one life, once you die you’re no longer hacked

- If you are not interacted with for 5 Minutes by your Hacker, you are no longer hacked.

Dangerous Entity:
- Optionally KOS by all

- Cannot be FearRP’d.

- Cannot wear or use items not intended or roleplay appropriate for the class

Monstrous Entity:

- KOS by all

- Cannot be FearRP’d.

- Must attempt to kill all non-monsters

- Cannot be tamed or interacted with to make friendly

- Cannot wear or use items not intended or roleplay appropriate for the class



Section D-1:  Transformation Rules


What is a forceful Transformation?

A forceful transformation is when a Player is forcefully transformed into a different morphology.

A Human being forcefully transformed into a Super Mutant is a good example of a forceful transformation.


Rules of Transformation:

- A player cannot be forcefully transformed unless the inflictors have a PK Reason on the victim

- A non-human transformation can only be undone via in-game mechanics; no roleplay clause

[  EX: A human being transformed into a Super Mutant must use the Purity Chamber to return to their human form. There is no other route.  ]

- You cannot self PK to convert yourself back into your original morphology

-  "Ghoulification" is not considered a forceful transformation & therefor can be performed by any faction with the in-game ability to do so

[  REASON: A ghoul is still a human. Ghoulification can be cured via the Purity Chamber  ]

- "Ghoulifying/Mutifiying" or forcefully transforming someone is a valid PK reason against all who aided or witnessed the event in any way


Section E: Roll Bonuses

What is rolling?
A "/roll" is the action of deciding whether or not someone completes a physical action

Player A: /me cuts off the branches of a tree using his machete
Player A: /roll "Player A has rolled a 47"


Player A has failed to cut off the branches as he didn't roll over 50

Certain perks will give you bonuses to certain tasks/types of roleplay, for instance, in the previous example, if Player A had the scrapper perk, they'd get a +5 to their roll, making it a 52, which goes beyond the 50 passing boundary.


Advanced Rules & Exceptions:

Below is a list of advanced server rules, examples & exceptions. We do not expect players to have all these things memorized, however, clearly malicious or abusive activity will not be tolerated.



Table of Contents:
Section A : Faction Mechanics
Section B : Class Mechanics

Section C : Acceptable PK reasons

Section D : Application & Exceptions

Section E : War Reasons         

Section X : Misc. Server rules




                 SECTION A: Unique Faction Rules                 



New California Republic:
- Characters sent to the 'NCRCF' must have an admissions submission made within 24 hours of them being sent else the

entire process & penalty is voided for the victim character
- A minimum rank of CPL must be achieved before energy weapons and salvaged power armor can be used.

- While mugging, if NCR ONLY takes chems from a person then they may hang them on the gallows (Avoiding the rule of no killing after you've mugged) [They do not need to mug in order to hang of course] CAN ONLY TAKE ILLEGAL CHEMS

House Industries:

- Although The Strip gate (The area before the teleporter into the strip) is considered part of House Industries/Families base, House Industries/Families are able to be ambushed within the area.

Jacob’s Town: [custom faction: rule will void if converted]
- Can forcefully convert someone WITH a PK REASON into a Super Mutant

- Unity is the only faction that is able to control the Behemoth whilst they have a player within their faction controlling it


The Enclave:
-Enclave must have a PK reason to unmutify a mutant 

- The Enclave is not capable of being allied to or allying to any factions, this includes alliances, one off raid assists, war assists, etc.


The Caesars Legion:
- While mugging, if Legion ONLY takes chems from a person then they may crucify them (Avoiding the rule of no killing after you've mugged) [They do not need to mug in order to crucify of course] CAN ONLY TAKE ILLEGAL CHEMS

- Legion Frumentarii may change their names for the purpose of infiltration with Operator approval

 - Can PK / CK Through Crucifixion
- A minimum rank of Prime Legionary must be achieved before energy weapons can be used.

Conversion Factions:
The following factions have the ability to convert players into other creatures/classes
- House Industries: Robot
- Institute: Synth / Super Mutant

Reminder: You cannot NLR/Kill someone after you have converted them into a Ghoul.


Guilded Factions/Waster Guilds:
- Factions Territories claimed through the guild system are NOT an OKOS zone.


Cores Mugging:

- Legion may chem mug people without a PK reason being put on them

- NCR may chem mug people without a PK reason being put on them if the individual is arrested [Brought back to base and handcuffed]

- Enclave may steal back "Enclave Access Pads" without a PK reason being put on them

- BOS may tech mug Tech Recycler frames and scrap electronics from people without a PK reason being put on them

[Note: These items cannot be taken or forced out from backpacks.]



Confederation Faction Rules:

- Confederation MUST be in the same base location (Ex: Same building, cave, etc)
- Confederation will only receive 1 faction pay
- Confederation will be limited to the perma props of 1 as they are counted as 1 (Ex: Cores 8, Custom 5)
- Confederation all count as 1 despite multiple whitelist (Meaning 2 SOL , 2 Chimera and 3 Unity makes them raidable)
- All Confederation faction merges must be approved by a Management vote
- If a Confederation wishes to declare a war, that faction needs to have +4 beyond the standard 8 people for the war to be valid (ex. A confederation of 3 factions wish to declare a war, the opposing side would need 16 people on.)


                 SECTION B: Advanced Class Rules                 


Synth ( Replicant )
- Can wear armor

- Must remove armor if demanded to do so (in the context of a Synth check)
- Still has memories/personality of self unless specified to not
- Cannot be hacked

- Can be PK'd for being a Synth (Changing you back into a human afterwards)
- Can negate PK if applied by The Institute directly

- MUST play as if heavily mentally handicapped

Robot: Whitelist and Applicable classes
- Looting Ability (Able to take items from Loot boxes):
Eyebots [No]
Sentry [No]
Protectrons [Yes]
Gutsy [Yes]
-Communicating Ability (Able to use mic/type)
Eyebots [No]
Sentry [Yes]
Protections [Yes]
Gutsy [Yes]

- Robots are unable to mug and or brand other players, however, can still kidnap. Robots assisting in PKable activities are still able to be PK'd (An AO helps some Chimera humans mug someone, the AO can be PK'd).

- Cannot be mugged or branded, to check a robot's inventory, you have to hack them.

- To hack a robot forcefully, you must have 2 people surrounding the robot, one player may do a /me to hack the robot. Both the player and robot then roll. If the robot wins the roll, they may run away or initiate combat. If the hacker wins the roll, the robot has to listen to the hacker until the robot dies. If the hacker fails the roll, no one else in the group may attempt to hack the robot, and they cannot engage in combat unless the robot engages first.

- To hack passively, the hacker must ask the robot's permission to hack them, then you do a /me. If the hacker rolls 50 or above, they have hacked the robot and they do as the hacker pleases until the robot dies. If the hacker fails, they can't hack the robot again unless the robot allows it.

- All robots except for AOs, Cybers, Cyborgs, Think Tanks and Securitrons are unable to take items from an extractor. They are able to claim it, however they are unable to take items from them.

Cannot Loot
Cannot Farm
Cannot Make Caps
Cannot Talk

Ghouls Are KOS
Creatures are Optional KOS

                 SECTION 😄 Acceptable PK Reasons               

Below is a list of contextual situations that are considered to be valid "PK request" reasons


1.)Defection (Abandoning a faction without consultation of its leadership. More extreme circumstances, such as stealing or leaking items, are detailed in the CK rules.)

2.) Espionage / Sabotage  (Infiltration of a faction to damage function of or gather information from within)

3.) Revenge (Killing someone who PK'd a close friend of yours)

4.) Mugging (Taking items forcefully from someone. Everyone involved in the kidnapping, transportation, or defending of the mugging party are valid reasons for the victim to pk you. )

5.) Torture via Branding (Being forcefully branded by captures)

6.) Cover-up  (Killing someone who knows information that can/will directly harm faction relations or render your life at risk via PK)

7.) Researcher working on a project  (Killing an enemy faction researcher with direct proof of the project they are working on. Seeing the player doing /me’s in game is considered proof if those /me’s are part of a project)

8.) Betrayal of Principle  (Killing someone who betrays the faction ideals they had sworn allegiance to)

9.) Honorary Suicide  (Only accepted if a life changing event takes place; this requires a Operator  members approval)

10.) Event Results  (An event specified by Operator; no restrictions applied to this type)

11.) Operator Approved Situation  (A unique situation that a Operator member is required to approve the validity of for a PK)

12.) Forceful Transformation (Forcefully "ghoulifying" or transforming someone into a Morphology they do not consent to; all who witness or aid this act are penalty to PK )

13.)Kidnapping that leads to a PK reason. (Meaning if you kidnap someone and hand them to someone else, and that leads to a pkable action such as a branding, both those who did the branding and you for doing the kidnapping are liable for pk)

14.)Impersonation (Meaning if you in a factions armor whether it be headgear or body armor and act as said faction you are liable to a PK)




                 SECTION D :  Clarification & Exceptions            

Below is a list of contextual situations and exceptions showing how certain potentially confusing server rules should be applied.


[ Section A: New Life Rule ]

Case Exception #1: Faction Base NLR

If a combat situation takes place within a factions base, said faction is not forced to avoid the active conflict

within their base to abide by the rules of NLR. They may jump back into the active conflict immediately.
You still forget all the information you gained within the last 10 minutes.



[ Section A: Rules of Roleplay ]

Case Clarification #1: Do not Meta-game: Voice Recognition

If a player vocally sounds like someone whom other players are seeking to kidnap, the familiarity of this person's voice is a valid

reason to kidnap them. Even if this player is another character, this is not viewed as a meta-game.


Case Clarification #2: Do not Meta-game: Player Level

A character's level that you see above their heads in-game is an indication of how visually experienced they appear to be in the wasteland. Therefore, you are able to make in-character deductions about this individual based on their level. You can view this as the visual differences you'd see between someone who's been living in the wasteland all their life versus someone who's just left a Vault for the first time. However, this does not excuse the act of mentioning someone's level verbally in an IC environment.



[ Section A: Rules of Engagement ]

Case Clarification #1: Mercy-killing

Killing a captured player via area of effect damage (AOE) is still considered mercy-killing.

The captors should value the life of their captive and therefore should not stand near or use their captive as cover in an attempt to force the rescuing party to mercy kill the captive (AOE or not). Doing so will result in the situation not being considered a mercy kill.



Case Clarification #2: Medical-aid justification

Killing a third-party whom is attempting to or directly healing/buffing an opponent party of which you (the player) are engaged
in combat is a valid reason. Intentionally or unintentionally healing or buffing a party does render you as optional KOS

to the opponent party. However, this does not allow you to engage them on sight less they engage you first.


Case Clarification #3: AFK

You are considered as being AFK when you are in your character selection screen (Either through an AFK kick or by pressing F1 and clicking Menu) or not actively RPing/moving within your spawn. Otherwise, you are able to be kidnapped without your kidnappers being reprimanded.


Case Clarification #4: FearRP

If you have no way to harm someone, you cannot put them under FearRP. Fists and non lethal weapons (such as BB guns) do not count



[ Section A: Rules of FailRP ]

Case Clarification #1: "B-Hopping" & manoeuvres

The act of "bunny hopping" or jumping to try and avoid incoming damage is not considered fail roleplay, nor are any other manoeuvres the player is capable of doing that isn't associated with a game exploit directly.


Case Clarification #2: Healing Liberty Prime

Liberty Prime cannot be healed at all.


Case Clarification #3: Chimera gas

Running into chimera red gas to make yourself a ghost is FailRP


[ Section A: Rules of Branding ]

Case Clarification #1: Unacceptable instances

The following instances are common situations that are not acceptable:

- Forcefully removing someone's: fingers, eyes, or any other limbs without permission from said player


Case Exception #2: Malicious Intent

If a player labels a branding as "torture" even though the context to the situation does not imply this to be the case whatsoever,the player(s) performing the brand may PK the individual to prevent a future PK liability on yourselve(s)



[ Section B: Server Concepts ]

Case Clarification #1: Roleplay Wipes

Roleplay wipes are typically very specialized to fit whatever changes are taking place. Most likely any roleplay wipe is also accompanied by a list of conditions that apply to it.

However, the following list of clarifications are persistent for a roleplay wipe:

Whatever it is that is being wiped (research, PKs, character perks, etc. . .), the experiences that resulted in that

thing being achieved is not forgotten to the character. However, they cannot be used as a means of requiring or redoing

whatever it is that was undone after a roleplay wipe.


< EX: You remember someone mugging you in 1.0, but you cannot PK them for it in 4.0 >



[ Section War Exception ]

A war is valid for up to 10 minutes after the ticket is made.

Ex: Fiends are green and a ticket gets made. The war will be valid for up to 10 minutes after the ticket is made.


[ Section ADV-C: Acceptable PK Reasons ]

Case Clarification #1: Kidnappings, Enslavement, Roleplay Torture

The acts of kidnapping, any non-branding roleplay torture, or forced labor is not an acceptable PK reason.

Your captures must have performed an action that would be an acceptable PK reason during your capture in-order to PK them. For example, being kidnapped, enslaved, or crucified alone is not a valid PK reason.


Case Clarification #2: Demutification

Once you are demutified, you gain a PK reason on those that demutified you, this makes sense. This PK reason sticks, even if you become a mutant again.



Section E: War Reasons

Below is a list of war reasons on a faction. War reasons must be approved by admins+ with proof


100% Acceptable War Reason(s)

Both sides consenting to a war

Sabotage of a factions research: Sabotaging a faction research via pking a researcher who was working on a project or a valid sabotage rp

Kidnapping a faction leader in Faction Leader/Officer Armor: kidnapping a faction leader (Ex: Colonel , Elder)

Torture of a Faction Leader: If a faction tortures a faction leader VIA the branding system.

PKing a officer member with proof: a faction pking a faction Officer or above and the victim faction having ic knowledge

Breaking a deal between two factions: Faction breaks a treaty or contract

Event Reason: An event provides a satisfactory war reason

Combined War Reason(s)

Two of these reasons must be valid for you to have a war reason

Mugging of a Faction Officers: If a faction mugs another factions Officer in Officer armor (Ex: BoS steal an antimat or 3.5k from a veteran ranger with a green visor)

Enslavement of a Faction: If a faction Officer is enslaved in officer armor (Ex: Legion enslave a faction officer in officer armor).

Torture of a Faction Officers: If a faction tortures a Faction Officer in Officer armor (Ex: Fiends cut off a BOS Officers hand)

Espionage: If a faction spies on another faction attempting to retrieve sensitive information

Unacceptable War Reason(s)

Reasons that will never be acceptable

Kidnapping of a non-hc individual: EX: Fiends kidnapping an ncr trooper


Slander: EX: Calling the Elder a poopybutt

Mass Mugging



                 SECTION X: Misc Rules & Policy                 


Misc. Rules:

1.) Only 3 Behemoths injectors can be used during a war per faction.

2.) If a 'fearless' class is both handcuffed AND ziptied then they are under fear rp as long as they are both handcuffed and ziptied.
3.) If a player is knocked out and a bind is made to handcuff and ziptie them they must wait for the kidnapper to do both.

4.) Faction deals that have to do with trading custom weapons/armours/items have to be given to Staff in the following format.

Items being traded:

Faction giving the item:

Faction receiving the item:


5.) Over the course of 2 weeks, a custom faction must be active for at least 7 of 14 days to keep their base. This activity is measured as the faction having 4+ members on (In or out of armour) for at least an hour. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the faction being removed from the base.

6.) Selling custom ordered items strictly for profit (Unless it is your speciality, like CC, VG etc) will result in a nerf to both the price and stock of the item.

Slave Collar Use Rules: [Weapon Rule]
- You are allowed to put a slave collar on someone if they do not move in-time while it is happening
- Slave Collar Victims cannot attack their Master or any other person unspecified by The Master
- While a Slave Collar is equipped on a character, it is considered being under constant FearRP

Tranquilizer Use Rules: [Weapon Rule]
- Can only use the Tranq. with intent to kidnap
- Can only use the Tranq. on non-kidnap intent individuals if the purpose is to kidnap someone in local area
- Do not use the Tranq. weapon as a loophole method to killing a victim

- You cannot tranq or mesmetron a person that you're currently in combat with. (raid,hostilities, etc.)

- If someone engages combat AFTER they have been tranq'd, the kidnap is still valid (Ex: Fiend member tranqs a ranger, ranger opens fire after being tranq, but then passes out.  this is still a valid kidnapping due to the tranq being delayed)

- You cannot tranq ANY kind of power armor. You can only tranq someone in PA if they aren't wearing a helmet (new system) or have used PAC3 to remove their helmet.

Handcuff/Ziptie Use Rules: [Weapon Rule]
- Cannot handcuff/Restrain randomly
- If knocked out and someone does a "/me handcuffs and zipties unconscious body" you must wait to be handcuffed and ziptied when you wake up
- Can only handcuff an individual freely if that individual is under FearRP
- Can be KOS'd if kidnapping

- You can give someone the needed caps to get them to the mugging amount to then mug them through thr system, this isn't considered exploiting. (A level 50 has 2500 caps, so you give them 1000 to mug them because the coded system won't let you otherwise, this is allowed)

Explosive Use Rules: [Weapon Rule]
- Do not use explosives with intent to kill random players, strictly hostiles
- Attempting to loophole this rule via excuse justification for placing explosives in high population locations will result in a severe punishment

Mesmetron Use Rules:
- Can only be used with intent to kidnap [Slavery Mode]
- Can only use the Mesmerize. on non-kidnap intent individuals if the purpose is to kidnap someone in local area [Slavery Mode]



- Using defibs in a war while not in the war itself is considered a loophole assisting [EX: BOS and Legion war, NCR resurrect BOS. This would be loophole assisting] 

- If you revive someone after a combat scenario they cannot be put under Fear RP [Ex: NCR and Legion ambush, NCR defib a legion after winning and try to fear RP him. The Legion is immune to fear RP]


Born-In Rules:

 Born-in status defines a character who was born directly into a faction and therefore is unable to defect from nor harm their faction in any way. This policy serves as both a potential event tool and or faction perk in specific circumstances.

Bounty System Rules:
- Can place a bounty on anyone for any reason
- If placed, must have intent to pay the Hunter
- Troll bounties are a punishable offense
- It is NOT meta-game to place a bounty on someone if they are present in the wasteland

Guild System Rules

- Cannot change guild spawn during declared conflict

- Cannot excessively change guild spawn (Ex: Changing it 2 times within 1 hour).

- Territories cannot be randomly placed without the intent of setting up a guild spawn

- Cannot be placed in another factions base without approval

- Cannot be placed somewhere that would have a direct line of sight into an enemy factions base

- You may solo assist a guilded/waster faction if they have a discernable boundary.

- Cannot be placed with malicious intent / intent to abuse. Ex: Placing it within line of sight of a faction you intend on fighting.

- If staff tell you to move it, listen.


Liberty Prime Rules:

- Must be deployed outside of render distance of enemy faction base
- Only allowed in approved circumstances by high staff



- Does not strip comms , does strip weapons - Must be done with intent to kidnap - Crosshooker is KOS - Cannot be used in combat

Fiber Wire:

- You are unable to use comms whilist being choked by the fiber wire (before the knockout) 



DO NOT Attempt to META-GAME with ANY KNOWLEDGE on this thread. If you bring up this information whatsoever in-game without having PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OR ENCOUNTERS with these factions/classes, you WILL be BANNED.


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