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Week of Sorrow

This is Scribe Tim, I am one of the few scribes responsible for writing down all events this chapter of the BOS has gone through and I am filled with mixed emotions. Elder McNamara was leading this chapter to a slow suicide allowing the lockdown to continue, we could sustain ourselves without much outside contact for perhaps another month or two and many lower ranks were starting to discuss amongst themselves if there was a better way. Super Mutants, Ghouls and other creatures run rampant in the wasteland terrorizing the local populations.


Simply we were failing our sacred mission of ensuring humanities future. Elder McNamara had strong supporters but most of them were higher rankings whilst the ones who wanted change were the Knights and initiates who outnumbered his loyalists nearly 3 to 1. One of the Knights Blackstone, started gathering his own supporters which was easy given the circumstances and at first he petitioned Elder McNamara to relieve the lockdown and start sending out patrols and expanding their foothold and becoming a strong force once again. Elder McNamara refused, Blackstone soon after led a violent mutiny, which led to Elder McNamara's death, the situation has few witnesses but it is evident that he was shot clean with no struggle.

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After his death his loyalists surrendered, Blackstone had them line up, he walked down the line over and over everyone waiting in anticipation for what would happen. He then made a list and gave it to one of the Knights, a handful of his loyalists were put in cells, these members were allowed to rejoin the ranks under Blackstone, the rest were either exiled to the wastes or simple executed. This was a new age of the Brotherhood, soon after Blackstone declared himself as Elder and stated that the Brotherhood will become a new power in the wasteland, that we shall save humanity from its past mistakes. They shall eradicate all Mutant Filth, which in his case perhaps even means non-feral ghouls, not many BOS members agree with this but they did not want further bloodshed. 


The mutiny took a week almost half of the Brotherhood forces dying in the conflict, but Elder Blackstone declared this a necessary evil, but what justifies the death of half our brothers and sisters I cannot comprehend. I fear I will be writing many new entries soon enough.


- Scribe Tim

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