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New California Republic - Faction Leader Application [12/13]


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NCR Colonel Applications are now open!

Due to the rare circumstances of the server being in development and that there are zero NCR members at this moment, any and all Sanctum Servers community members are open to apply for the position of Colonel.
[Applications may close early upon Operations decision.]

[Copy and paste the format below.]
Question 1:) What is your in-game name | character's name

Question 2:)  What is your steam profile and SteamID?
Steam Profile Link:

Question 3:) What is your DiscordID


Question 4:) Why are you applying for the position? What is your philosophy?

Question 5:) What will you change about the NCR? How will you run it effectively? How could the NCR benefit from your leadership?


Question 6:) How active do you intend on being? can you remain that active consistently? How would you do so?

Question 7:) A faction has stolen Brotherhood Equipment, how would you approach reclaiming it?

Question 8:) The NCRis in a war with another faction, how would you handle negotiations if you won, communications in the NCR, what sort of tactics would you have?
Up-voting and down-voting is suggested but who is accepted as the next Colonel is completely up to Operations at the end of the day.

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