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Operation: "Dough Boy" A Crimson Caravan Contracted Research

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Research Item: Improvements to the service rifle by way of increased RPM and a scope
Who/what faction is this being researched for: Crimson Caravan  for NCR
Who is researching it: Manuel "Manny" Mann
Why is it being researched: To improve the strength of a standard solider with better target acquisition and more rounds down range.

Day 1: The team would have to investigate and create the improved design of the bolt, recoil spring, scope, and scope mount. As well as collecting the needed materials to complete the project.

Day 2: Assembly - With the parts collected the team would create the new bolt, recoil spring and scope mount ending the day with traveling to NCR base to gain input on the project.

Day 3: Final touches - With the rifle assembled and waiting at NCR base the team adds the final touches to the rifle. This would entail mounting the new scope, a test fire, safety inspection, a fresh coat of paint and oil to prevent erosion.

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