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Tojo Clan Born in Application

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Kiryu Kazuma glanced up from the papers strewn across his desk as a young man in an ill-fitting black suit shuffled into his office. Akihito, one of his underlings, appeared visibly flustered. "Hello, Kiryu-san... I mean, sir. How are... uh, the papers?" he stammered. "Akihito-kun, please cut to the chase. What news do you bring?" Kiryu's voice remained calm but firm, the situation required clarity. Akihito's face paled momentarily, his silence accentuating the gravity of his report. Finally, he mustered the courage to speak. "After the treacherous march from the coast, relentless raider attacks, and unexpected NCR ambushes, it seems we have only fifteen people left, including you and me."

Anticipating a reprimand or even a physical blow, Akihito closed his eyes, bracing for impact. Although he was relatively new to the Tojo Clan, he had heard tales of The Dragon of Dojima and his legendary brawling prowess, as well as the ballistic fist strapped to his arm. To his surprise, Kiryu rose slowly from his chair and walked past him, pushing open the office door. Stepping outside into the newly refurbished army supply depot, Kiryu crossed his arms and leaned against the wall, gazing out at the desolate wasteland stretching beyond the fence. The door creaked open once more, and Rikiya Shimabukuro emerged, leaning against the wall beside Kiryu. "So, what's the plan, aniki?" Rikiya's voice held concern. Kiryu turned his head, meeting Rikiya's gaze. "Spread the word among your boys. The Tojo Clan is recruiting," he declared.

Applications Open

Open positions: One lieutenant (HC) and Three Captains

Question 1. What is your discord name and steam name?

Question 2. Are you over 16?

Question 3. What is your IC name?

Question 4. Why do you want to be a Tojo Clan member?

Question 5. Do you understand that if you are a born in you will be given the rank of captain or higher? Y/N

Question 6. Do you understand that as a born in you cannot defect or betray The Tojo Clan?


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