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Big Mike ban appeal

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Question 1: Who banned you? I believe arson but unsure if he's the one who actually banned me but he did handle my sit 

Question 2: What is your in-game name and steam name? Chosen Big Mike/NightWolf

Question 3: What is your ban message and what was the length of your ban? Actual Racism-2 weeks

Question 4: What were you banned for? Racism

Question 5: SteamID and DiscordID? STEAM_0:0:156376986  NightWolf#4634

Question 6: Please provide evidence if there is any to provide regarding your ban  i have more evidence besides my clip of the situation but i would have to send that through discord since it's on my phone unless im able to edit this and add more stuff through my phone  https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/19exp994HQYSFi/d13370ycjlKO?invite=cr-MSxCVUUsMTU4NjUzNjY3LA

Question 7: Why should you be unbanned?1.) No form of racial and/or homophobic slurs (OOC) (You may use derogatory terms In-Character but NOT OOC) that was the server rules until one of the operators named sam. changed it after i sent them screenshots of this rule through discord im not 100 percent sure if he's the one who exactly did it but he was the one i sent the information to and now are ignoring me and not responding to me any further. the reason i should be unbanned is because mainly this is only my first offense and i wasn't Tryna be offensive towards anyone i made a slight joke to confirm who they wanted me to kill and then i got pulled into a sit but even the staff was laughing about it. it's obvious this wasn't a serious offense. I've been a part of this community before this server even released and this is the first time I've gotten into real trouble. i mainly want the unban so i can help lead my faction since are founder can only do so much on his own and i can't really assist or help are members if I'm not truly present for events that take place. i understand i get a bad rep cause i mess around quite a bit but when it's always come to events/wars or time in need to be serious i acted so. i take full responsibility for my actions i will not try to justify them but i wasn't causing harm to anyone or attempting to. i would appreciate if you can see from my perspective of things but i understand fully if you take this with a grain of salt and choose to ignore this. thank you for your time reading this please let me know if you need me to send further information since i can only do so much with what i have on my pc. these rules were not clear and were never stated i couldn't make offensive remarks in rp.




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The rule got updated after you were banned and the character in game was black so I see it as IC. Honestly using real life racist terms ic is pretty cringe and looks bad on the server, but in Big Mike's defence it was blatantly stated in the rules that it was allowed so long as it was IC. 

In Shi we had the entire library of racist terms thrown at us multiple times including gook, chink, slant eyes, everything you could think of, and none of those people ever got banned. 

+1. Its on the server for having a stupid rule that allowed IC racism and should have never been a thing to begin with. No rule was broken here, free this man before the wipe. 

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