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Legatus Nemenisis

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The mutiny was a long battle, many backs were stabbed. 

With the mutiny over the legatus stands by his chair and starts to tell the great story..


The legatus Hawk was a good man but a shit leader. He was unprepared and was a pushover. Tribunus saw this as a legion weakness and needed to cleanse it of its disgust. Tribunus starts assembling his men. The Legion. As the masses gather. The legatus walks out of his tent and accepts the upcoming mutiny. As a challenge instead of the throne being ripped from his grimey fingers. The tribunus and legatus meet in the pit. They bump swords. The fight begins. Tribunus destroys the legate in the pit and crowned Victor as a new legatus. The crowd cheers and yells and shoots. A fight ensues between Nemenesis supporters and Hawk supporters. The Tribunus forces win. As the  new legatus takes his throne he rests... he tells his men to leave his tent as he needs to rest and think. He takes off his legatus armor and places it on the throne. He is going for a walk to clear his head.. he is walking towards nipton, alone. He is standing next to the town hall bearing the Legion flag and a tear rolls down his face. A single tear. 


The legate not paying attention admiring his flag. Is hit in the back of the head with a seal club. He falls unconscious.. what seemed like moments later he woke up. When he wakes up he is in a ncr jail cell with the colonel Infront of him. 

The colonel said. This is the last time you are gonna see sunlight. As the legatus is dragged away they allow him to dress in the nicest suit they have out of respect of him being the great legatus. A single photograph is left at Legion gate. The legatus in cuffs being put into a Vertibird. His story ends here.image-8.thumb.png.28aead10cd1bfee175b97a168a07da66.png

the last photo of the newly crowned legstus taken. 

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