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I could do it betta (Rhys Staff App)

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Question 1:) What is your in-game name? Senior Paladin Rhys O'Connor

Question 2:) What is your SteamID and DiscordID? STEAM_0:1:445392924 l rhys#1996 

Question 3:) How long have you been playing on our server? 2 or so weeks.

Question 4:) Why do you want to be a staff member? [125 words minimum]

Let me just start off by saying the current state of server staff is genuinely appalling. Most staff don't take tickets unless it is their own faction that makes the ticket. I had to deal with a situation myself where I was effected by this and had to ask for non-biased staff. I want to bring a non-biased atmosphere to the staff team that actually take tickets and helps the community. Going based off factions is petty and nobody should be ignored because of it. I have the will to actually get this rolling and help the community around me. I wish for nothing but the best for the community and I want to be apart of it's fundamental growth as a server. Thank you.

Question 5:) Please describe in full detail any previous staff experience that you may have

Question 6:) What do you intend on bringing to the table? Actually taking staff tickets and brining an unbiased moderation response to situations. (Server needs it.)

Question 7:) How often do you play on Sanctum? Almost every day. Whenever I can!

Question 8:) How old are you? (Lying will result in a perma-ban) 17 in June
Question 9:) Have you ever been banned from our server? and if so, what for? N/A

Question 10:) Please list as many rules from Section 1 as you can without looking at the rules page.

No racism.
OOC in IC is bannable.
Toxicity is not allowed.
ROE: The only way for someone to be KOS'd is during a raid or if someone has a gun up,someone may also be kos'd if they have a kidnapped person.
NLR: New Life Rule is not remembering your previous IC knowledge or location during a event or situation. you cannot use any IC info from when died and must act as if it never happened.
Mugging: you may only mug one person per hour and can only steal a max of 2k caps from  a person. After mugging a person, you may not keep them.

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